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· One min read
Andrés Ortiz Corrales (angrykoala)

Version 1.4 of My Guitar Tabs is now available!!

You can access the new version now on any device here or download the Android version in Google Play.

In this version, we've focused on improving the user experience of My Guitar Tabs in two key areas:

1. Offline songs

Your songs are now stored on your device and synced in the background. This means that My Guitar Tabs will be faster and more responsive, even in slow internet.

2. Support for using My Guitar Tabs without logging in

Some users do not want to login with their Google account, or may want to try My Guitar Tabs before doing so. From version 1.4.0, logging in is no longer needed to use My Guitar Tabs. You will still need login to sync your songs to the cloud and share them across devices.