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Create Your First Guitar Tab

You can beging creating your tabs inmediately by going to the Tablature Editor.

The editor is a platform to create and edit your guitar tabs.

Desktop Editor

While you are in the editor, you'll see that the strings are shown as dotted lines instead of straight lines.

If you are using a mobile device, the digital keyboard will automatically expand when you click anywhere on the tablature. You don't need the digital keyboard if you are using a computer with a physical keyboard, but you can still use it by clicking on the expand keyboard button:

Expand Keyboard

Add a Title and Artist

First, you can add a title and artist to your song. To do this:

  1. Click or press on "Song's title". Edit Title
  2. Write the title of the song.
  3. You can also include additional information like the artist by adding a subtitle. Title

Write Your First Melody

In My Guitar Tabs, you write your tabs by moving top to bottom and left to right. You can move anywhere by clicking in the tabs or using the keyboard arrows.

Let's write a simple melody:

  1. Click where you want to add the first note. The cursor will highlight the selected note. Selected Fret
  2. Type the fret number using the keyboard. Press Space to move to the next string. Selected Fret 2
  3. Press Enter to jump to the beggining of the next chord. Next Chord
  4. Press Space to move to the next string and write the next note. Next Note

Insert New Notes

To insert new notes between existing ones:

  1. Navigate to the note where you want to insert the new note:
New Chord 1
  1. Press Enter, the cursor will move to the next note, moving the rest of the song:
New Chord 2
  1. Write your note:
New Chord 3

Delete Notes

  1. Select the note you want to delete: Delete 1
  2. Press the Backspace key to remove the note and move the cursor back 1 string: Delete 2
  3. Alternatively, press Delete to remove the note without moving the cursor: Delete 3

Delete a Chord

  1. Delete all notes in the chord:
  2. Press Backspace on the top string once the chord is empty to delete the whole column:

Delete a Section of the Song

You can delete or replace entire sections of the song by selecting a range of chords.

  1. Click the first chord you want to delete (the selected string is irrelevant) and drag the cursor to the end of the section you want to remove. You'll see a faint highlight of the selected section:
Delete Range 1
  1. Once you release the cursor, you'll see the selected range highlighted:
Delete Range 2
  1. Press Backspace, delete, or enter to remove the whole range:
Delete Range 3

Adding Special Notation

You can incorporate additional notation into the tablature using the special markings menu:

Special Markings Menu

Add a special marking by:

  1. Select the note to which you want to apply the marking: Markings 1
  2. Choose the desired marking from the menu: Markings 2

Please note that each marking represents a specific technique, and some may have unique behaviors or options. For more information on each element, refer to Guitar Tablature Notation for additional details.


You can insert bar lines into your guitar tabs using the bar lines buttons available in the special markings menu:

Bars Menu

To add a barline:

  1. Select where you want to insert the barline. The selected string is irrelevant: Barline 1
  2. Press the desired barline button. The barline will be inserted at the selected position: Barline 2
  3. If the selected chord is not empty (i.e., any string has a note), the barline will be added after the selected chord: Barline 3 Barline 4


At any point, you can undo or redo your changes before saving.

  1. Given the following melody: Undo 1
  2. Press Ctrl+z to undo your last change: Undo 2
  3. Press Ctrl+Shift+z or Ctrl+r to redo the last undo: Undo 1


Save your new creation by click the done editing button:

Done Editing

This will take you to the song viewer, where you can view and play your new tune:


After saving a song, it will be available in your dashboard.